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Thursday night, September 5, 2002

Three lovely little girls and two little boys.


Confusing week -- Beautiful ending

After a week of confusion -- on my part only, Brandy was not confused -- Brandy graced the world with five beautiful babies.  My new thermometer was reading low, so I thought she was due.  She knew she wasn't, but she loved the attention.  

 I didn't think she was quite ready just yet, so we were not in the shop; instead, I was in my office with Brandy curled up on the floor between my feet.  I felt her squirming around and reached down to pet her and noticed that she had delivered her first baby already.   While she tidied up the baby, I got her whelping bed and put it under my desk.  She had the rest of the kids there.  Baron got to watch again, from a respectful distance.  By midnight it was all over and five new little darlin's had joined the world.

Watch them grow and enjoy the fun -- beginning at Pups2002, page 2.   

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