Thursday, August 10, 2000


Summer Surprise (well, . . . sorta)

It was my dedicated intention that Brandy skip her summer heat cycle so both she and I could take a break from the puppy business.  Well, . . ., what was it somebody said about the "best laid plans?"  Even though I kept her in the nunnery (also known as my Shop) for over two weeks, when I finally let her out she immediately found Baron and made him an offer he couldn't refuse -- not that the thought of refusal would ever cross his mind anyway.

"No problem," I told myself, because I knew it was too late in her cycle for her to get pregnant, and, besides, she had done this before (amorous little tart that she is).  I kept telling myself that -- even when Dottie mentioned that Brandy seemed to be gaining weight.  "No problem," I said again, "she's just getting her weight back after the puppies."  Right!!!  After about a month of this denial, I finally noticed one day that she needed a little extra effort to get up the steps to the deck.  A closer examination brought me back to reality.  I was really mad at her -- and stayed mad at her for almost an hour until she crawled up in my lap and melted my heart (again).

So, in the quiet morning hours of Thursday, August 10, 2000, little Mother Brandy favored the world with two beautiful babies.  No doubt due to being so late in her cycle (although not as late as I thought) and having mated only once, she did not provide her usual litter of six.  However, quantity is not everything.  These are two of the prettiest pups we have seen -- almost "Brandy look-alikes" in their color and markings.  

One boy, one girl, so Daddy Baron will have a girl to spoil and a son to romp with.  They are much larger than usual and getting fatter every day.

Watch them grow and enjoy the fun -- more puppy pictures will follow soon.  You can see more at Pups2K2, Page 2.

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