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More puppies, courtesy of Samantha, 
daughter of Baron & Brandy

They have all gone on to their new homes, but you can enjoy them anyway.

(For more enjoyment, click on the pictures to see larger images.  Some of them are a slow load, but they're worth every second of it.  Use your Back button to return to this page.)

<-  This was the scene back on July 2nd.  A new little mother and her babies.   ->
<--   Then Grandma Brandy came to visit.  It's been a while since she had puppies and I think she misses them -- even maybe enough to let Scrappy try to nurse.  -->
<-- I think little Mommie decided to show Grandma how it's done.

Samantha serves supper while Gramma cleans up one of the kids.     -->

<--  Grandpa Baron says that looks familiar.  Maybe he can have some at home pretty soon.

If Grandma is supposed to be baby sitting, she's lettin' the kids escape.  --->

<--  They're eight weeks old now and off on a lion hunt (or maybe it was a bear.)

Hunting can be exhausting, as Sister and Scrappy use Big Brother for a cushion.  -->

<--  Sister and Scrappy.  They like to hide under the deck.

Sister being cute.   --->

<--  I think Sister is telling Brother, "Don't touch my toy!"

Maybe Brother should have paid attention.   ---> 

<--  Busy day, time for a little rest.  
<--   Just look into those eyes.  He is an easy kid to love.

Looks like Brother is thinking seriously about having a little iced tea.  --->


<--   This is Scrappy.  Also sweet.  Going to be fairly big, but probably not as big as Gordo. 

Scrappy has now found a home, but is staying until Big Brother finds a new family.

<--  This is Big Brother, sometimes known as Gordo.  Sweet disposition.  Probably going to be as big as his grandfather (over 20 pounds)  

Big Brother has gone off to LaGrange to be with his new parents.



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