The Walden Pack, past and present.

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"Smells sorta like a bear was here, huh?" 
"Yeah, we must have scared him off." 

Baron & Brandy -- best buddies and hunting companions.

Baron again.  He likes iced tea.  I had put my glass of tea up on the stump because I didn't think he could jump that high.  Wrong!! 

Oh, well a few dog germs can't hurt.

This is Baron in the garden trying to figure out where the chipmunk went.  He knows he was there because he can smell him. 

(Just look at that coat and muscle definition.  He is 22 pounds of lean and . . ., uh, well, lean.)

 Brandy, direct descendant of Diana the Huntress.  She terrorizes the local chipmunk population and keeps the mole population under control.  She is Baron's best buddy and the mother of his children.
A previous pack.  Four of them were ours and two were Janet's dogs.  Sadly, only one of them is left now -- Faith (Janet's).  The old lady on the top step was Precious.  She is no longer with us, but she graced our lives for seventeen years.
The previous pack.  Baron is trying to figure out what Red is looking at, while Brandy tries to pretend they don't exist.  (Red is not with us anymore.)
This is Red.  At thirteen years old, she had slowed down a bit.  She couldn't hear very well and was blind in one eye, but her nose worked as good as it ever did -- maybe better.  She was still playful right up to the end, as Baron & Brandy conspired to keep her young.
 This is our last picture of Red.  It was taken at Christmas as she lay in front of the fireplace.  The gentle hand upon her belongs to Sheila.  Red graced our lives for fourteen years, and gave us much love and many puppies to enrich the lives of others.  She passed quietly from among us one night while curled up in her favorite sleeping place (the rag box in my shop).  We will miss her.

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