Brandy is a dedicated Huntress and an excellent mother.  In between, she is Baron's best buddy.

She wasn't too pleased about Lord Baron's web site, so she wanted one of her own.  What Brandy wants, she usually gets.

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<- With her interesting colors, she always looks like she is dressed in camouflage

She didn't really have a drinking problem as a pup, but she did like a little nip of wine. ->

<- Also, she seems often to stand in the shadows.  Probably to hide from the chipmunks.

Standing guard on the deck, watching the back yard.          ->

<- Probably had a long busy day.  Ready for bed.

Brandy as a young girl.  Believe it or not, that is Baron behind her.    ->

 <- But, then they both grew up to be mature dogs.  (Right!?!) 

One of her favorite hobbies is catching moles.  Here she has a recent catch.    ->

<-  It appears that the boys are trying to take away her treasure.  Their chances are not good. 

Brandy in her finest hour -- mother of a beautiful litter of pups.  Looks like meal time.  ->

<- She lived in my shop when the pups were small.  She liked to hide in my rag box.  Sassy found her. 

Mother Brandy and a couple of the pups.  ->

<- Coco and Sassy -- playing ball. 

Coco again -- The Aunties are supposed to be babysitting him, I guess  ->

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