Game Pictures

I am surrounded by woods in the back and there are lots of animals out there -- deer, raccoons, foxes, coyotes and others.  I was feeding the deer during the winter, so decided to buy a "trail camera" and get some pictures.  The camera has an infra-red flash which gives only black and white pictures, but the flash does not startle the animals.

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<- Early evening meal.  This is not a flash picture, just evening light.

There are six deer here.  The most I have seen at one time was eight.   ->
<--  Usually I see does, but an occasional buck does wander by.
A couple of pretty ladies having a late breakfast.   -->
 <--  I don't know who taught him to do that.  Maybe he's been watching Lancelot.
There are seven deer in this picture -- most yet.
 <--  Soon to be a mother.
You can see that he still has the fuzz on his new antlers. 
<--  A better look at the fuzzy antlers.
Looks like one of them is saying "Who invited you?"  -->
<--  First picture of the new baby.  She will lose her spots over the next winter.
Looks like the babies up the tree are waiting for Mom to say it's Ok to come down.   --->
<--  Sharing a meal.  Looks like they have gotten used to each other.
The guy I hired to feed the deer.   --->
<--  Another picture of Mom and the baby.
Looks like baby has a little friend.   --->
<--  Getting comfortable with each other, while the guy on the right practices sitting up.
I think I'm feeding all the raccoons in the county.  There are ten in this picture.   --->
<--  The raccoons don't usually come out in the daylight.  Looks like the kids are playing.
Also unusual to see a buck out in the daylight.  He still has fuzzy antlers.   --->
<--  Looks like the kids aren't too sure about sharing a meal with that big creature.
Mom and baby sharing dinner with a raccoon.   --->
<--   They seem to be a little startled to see each other.
I don't know if this is Mom and twins, or if baby brought along a friend.  --->
<--   Looks like baby is big enough to go out on her own.
This picture is almost Biblical -- not like a lamb lying down with a lion, but two foxes a deer and a couple of raccoons is a pretty good start.  --->
<--   Raccoons gathering for a midnight snack.
This is the best picture I have of the two foxes.  --->
<--  Just another shared meal.
The raccoons seem pretty comfortable with the fox, and vice-versa.   ---> 
<--  The 'possum doesn't appear to be quite that comfortable.   --->  
  <--    -->   
  <--     --->  


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